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CPA Fun Day T-Shirts

All you have to do is click on the link, choose your student's grade & size and order online! Online orders will end on Sunday to allow enough time to process orders and create shirts in time for Fun Day on May 5th.
Any questions? Email me at

April Calendar

Click on the April Events PDF to get detailed information about some days on the calendar.

2020-2021 YEARBOOK!

This year's yearbook will be like NO OTHER!! Be sure to click the link and order yours at the lowest price of the year!!


To include Virtual & Hybrid students, changes to the 2021 Yearbook include PERSONAL STUDENT PAGES! See the form for more information!


Check out the information and apply online you want to participate in any of these Healthcare Exploration Programs!

Hybrid or Virtual 2nd Nine Weeks Survey

If your child is a hybrid student and wishes to remain a hybrid student, you DO NOT need to complete this form. If your child is virtual and wishes to remain a virtual student, you DO NOT need to complete this form. Only complete this form if you wish to change your child from virtual to hybrid or from hybrid to virtual. Please complete the form by September 30, 2020. Each school has its own survey. If you have children that go to multiple schools, you will need to complete the survey for that particular school your child attends.

** We would really like for all virtual students to come back to school **
Nancy Anders, Concordia Parish Academy, Director


If your Elementary, Middle School, or High School Student would like to join 4-H this year, visit the link in the flyer to sign them up! $10 to Join!!
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